Bronzer, blush, highlighter – the perfect finishing touch to your make-up!

Bronzer, blush and highlighter are a must have for anyone who wants their makeup to look refined and fresh. Everyone has at least one of these products in their make-up bag, so we suggest what products to choose, how to use them and what mistakes to avoid.

We apply bronzer, blush and highlighter in different parts of the face and each plays a different role in makeup. You can use them separately or together, depending on the effect you want. The most important thing is to feel good and find the application that is right for us.

  1. BRONZER Let’s start with the bronzer. The bronzer can be used in two situations – when contouring the face and warming the face. Contouring with a bronzer allows you to optically narrow or accentuate particular areas of the face. For this purpose, we use products of a darker color or a more neutral shade. To accentuate the cheekbones, apply the bronzer below the cheekbones from the top of the ear to the center of the face. Be careful not to apply the bronzer too low, as it will disturb the proportions of the face. We can also apply bronzer to the sides of the forehead to make it visually smaller, along the jaw line to slim down the face and to the sides of the nose to optically narrow it. On the other hand, a bronzer with a warmer shade, matching our complexion, will warm and tan our face. Then we also apply it below the cheekbones going more upwards, to the sides of the forehead and to the middle of the nose. Such use of the bronzer will give the effect of a sun-kiss and at the same time delicately contour our face.

  2. BLUSH Time for the blush! The blush revives our skin and cheeks. It adds a natural blush and gives a fresh look. We apply the blush to the cheeks above the bronzer, but we can also gently apply the blush to the nose to evenly illuminate the face. We can use the blush in combination with a bronzer or highlighter, but it will look just as beautiful when applied alone – then we get a natural, delicate and youthful effect.

  3. HIGHLIGHTER The highlighter gives the skin a natural glow and radiant look. By illuminating selected parts of the face, we emphasize them, so, when contouring the face, we apply the highlighter to those parts of the face that we want to accentuate, and avoid those that we want to make visually smaller or hide. Therefore, we usually apply the highlighter to the tops of the cheekbones, the top of the nose and the cupid’s bow, depending on our needs and the effect we want. The highlighter will be perfect for day makeup, as well as for evening makeup with full contouring and illuminating the neckline and shoulders.

Each of these products can be applied alone, but in combination, we can achieve a beautiful effect of a contoured, radiant and illuminated face!

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